Exotic beaches of Chania The district of Chania with over 350km of coastline and more than 80 beaches – most of which awarded with a blue flag – hosts some of the most drop-dead beautiful exotic beaches in Greece. Let’s get to know them. Falassarna On the NW coast of Crete – 50km from the […]
The Palace of Knossos The Minoan palace of the colours! Knossos was the most prominent centre of the Minoan Civilisation, one of the magnificent civilisations of human kind. The renowned ancient city with the palace is the largest and most typical archaeological site ever discovered on Crete. It is located at a distance of 6 […]
SAMARIA GORGE Crete gazes at the Mediterranean Sea. Do the same! White Mountains’ National Park is the only national park in Crete. It centres around the Samaria gorge, at an altitude of 1,200m and continues down to Agia Roumeli, on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. Along with the surrounding slopes and a number of smaller […]
Are you travelling to Chania Crete for the first time and you are wondering what tours to add into your bucket list ? If yes then check out the following tours : Samaria gorge ( hiking experience of the longest gorge 16km in Europe ) Gramvousa-Balos cruise(cruise and beach day at one of the […]